Monday, June 30, 2014

Welcome to my Literary World

I am sure many people who have seen me right online will be surprised with this new blog. The majority of my writing has been geared toward making money online. I was quite successful at that making thousands, but I found it tedious and boring work. I have very little interest in making money and great interest in literature. By no means am I an expert in literature, but the more I read and the more lectures I watch online the more I find that an expert in literature is non existent. There is far too many ideas within the literary world for any one person to contain in their head.

This is the reason I am drawn towards literature and would like to begin sharing my experience in literature with you. My favorite types of literature is classic. The older the book is the more interesting I find it. I absolutely love reading all the old authors my favorite being Aristotle and Homer. Old philosophy is not my only interest I also enjoy reading horror and fantasy fiction my favorite author being Anne Rice.

The posts about literature I will not hold to any standard. I simply want a place that I can share my thoughts of a book without any restrictions. If you do not enjoy my posts I apologize, but would also like to say I am not writing this blog for anyone but myself. This is where I will be practicing my writing and do not expect everyone to enjoy it. Basically this blog is simply a tool for me to become polished as a writer.

Most the books I read will be from the public library and I usually read two to three books a week. I will be attempting to write a review and analysis on every book that I read.

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