Monday, October 13, 2014

Review of Bad Billy by Jimmy Pudge

Rating: 6/10
Value: Free for Kindle
Readers: I recommend only those over 18 because of content.

When I picked this book up I found the beginning interesting.  It starts off setting the scene in the deep south with backwards people.  An Uncle finds a brother and sister in bed whom when confronted see nothing wrong with the idea of incest.  The sister has a child who was severely deformed.  She decided to keep the child, but lock him down in the basement.  While in the basement for years Billy turns from a child to monster unable to perform the most basic tasks.  Since he was in the basement his family would feed him human and animal corpses which changed him drastically so he would seek flesh.

The plot and story itself is solid.  I found it very interesting, but the writing seemed lacking.  This is an extremely violent book which I usually enjoy, but the writer lacks the ability to hide certain points to let the reader come to their own conclusions.  He lays out every gory scene with the details of exactly what happened, how it happened, and exactly where the story is going.  The reason people read books is to use their imagination.  They want the writer to place them in a position to develop scenes, characters, and even aspects of the plot for themselves.  

The other issue I had a problem with was the ending.  Through the entire story Pudge sticks with a real life situation without supernatural or paranormal instance.  In the ending he throws out a turn which did not fit at all.  I would explain more about this, but I prefer not to give endings away.

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