Thursday, September 4, 2014

Why I Write about Literature

I find a real connection when reading and writing.  Once a piece is published and I pick that book, story, or poem up the mask is off.  I get to sit inside an author's head without a filter.  The ideas within the book are no longer private thoughts.

Another thing I enjoy is the lifting of deceit.  When I talk to someone face to face it is rare I receive their thought in its entirety.  There are several reasons for this the main being the filter and thought processing.  When in conversation the person will be deciding how to communicate their thoughts to you.  This is done within seconds before the speech and usually severely lacks the completeness and details of the thought.  Thought processing also takes much more time than what is usually socially acceptable in a conversation.

Writing removes all of these restrictions from communication.  The author has more than enough time to decide what they will say, how they will say it, and the exact wording they will use to convey their thought to the reader.  Thought processing is another unrestricted process the writer can utilize.  They can take that generalized thought or idea they want to convey and begin adding.  Every book starts simply with a person wanting to write their thoughts, ideas, or stories down.  In a book is where you will find these three things complete and the closest to perfect the author can get.

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