Saturday, August 30, 2014

First Impression of The Former Hero by Jeffrey Mays

The Former Hero relies heavily on the plot and writing to bring the reader through the book.  I have found a few things I really enjoy and a few things which I believe detract from the work.  I found the beginning of the book was captivating.  Mays really throws it down and sucks the reader in allowing them to be in the shoes of a parent with their child kidnapped.  Fear, anger, and confusion seeps from Moria.  The biggest plus to the beginning is it feels real.

As I began digging deeper into the novel I began running into issues.  Mays creates this town where corruption is running rampant through all levels of administration throughout the city.  Moria calls the police over and over, but they don't respond.  After a terrorist attack everything falls apart.  Now this in itself I have no issue with, but where I find the loss is the fact the society has not collapsed.  We have seen what happens in cities when structure can not be implemented.  This woman Moria is able to travel about through the city without problems yet there is no law enforcement. 

Besides this little piece that doesn't sit well with my logic I have found the book very emotional and enjoyable.  Mays takes a big risk by switching from character to character.  I think this really pays off and keeps the plot rocketing forward.  So far I have enjoyed reading this book even with the small flaws I have found within the plot.  I understand as a writer creating the perfect pretend world is nearly impossible if it is not a world that you have lived in and experienced.  You must think of every possible detail and make sure nothing over laps.  You must also make this world believable to someone who has never experienced such a place.  

Just a little update with my novel Death's Fallen.  I have completed the book and I am no proof reading.  I am unable to afford a professional editor so it will still be some weeks before the release.

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