Saturday, August 2, 2014

First Impression of Red Rain by R.L. Stine

I picked this up being a huge fan of the goosebumps as a kid. When I was around ten these were what I would read till very late.  Picking up a R.L. Stine book written for adults I expected the same thrills I felt from years ago.  It may be because I just read Crime and Punishment, but this book uses extremely simple English.  That being said Stine still tells an amazing story.

The plot is on an island off the coast of the Eastern United States.  The main character Lea is a blogger (very relatable) who travels round looking for good places to write about.  One thing I really enjoy about Stine is his teaser.  That first chapter brings you into the depth of the book explaining why it is scary.  This sucks you in and you begin pounding out the chapters with interest.  

Five or so chapters in I found Stine had set the scene well giving life to the people on the island.  He also brings in support characters who reveal important parts of the story, but just with simple hints and jokes. I really like how he taunts the reader almost, but refuses to give any concrete information.  This writing style can be annoying since no actual story becomes revealed, but fits well in this story.  

Like I said earlier the writing is very basic making it easy to read quickly.  It seems like it will be a nice little novel once I complete it.  I am glad Stine stuck with the same style as his children's books it really takes me back.  Anyway look forward to the review on this one so far it has turned out to be a pretty decent book.

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