Monday, July 7, 2014

First Impression of "The Darkest Tool" by Gerald Barnes

Half way through this book and I wanted to give you guys my thoughts and let you purchase is if you want before the full review comes out.

The book is three dollars and only available on the kindle which you can find a link to on the side of this blog if you do not own one yet.  I highly recommend you purchase one for the simple fact that they have enough free books for the kindle to pay for it ten times over.

As of right now I am sitting about 40% the book itself is I would estimated 100k words so certainly long enough to tell a good story.  The writing is a bit simplistic lacking poetic feeling, but the content and characters pull the weight.  I find the writer very easy to read and the sub plots fascinating. The plot moves pretty quickly from the beginning, but really takes off once he switches from Jons story to Arioch.  

The main plot has the protagonist Jon who suffers from terrible nightmares.  There is around fifty pages of him growing up with hallucinations of a man who in his nightmares kills him over and over.  This makes the plot somewhat confusing until they begin to tell the story of Arioch.  Arioch is a fallen angel now demon.  The story breaks away from Jon and what he is doing and jumps into mythology/religon.  

I have found that Barnes has a very interesting take on the Christian religon.  He tells the story of the war in heaven through the eyes of the angel Arioch who has the utmost love and respect for Lucifer.  Barnes spends quite a bit of time on Arioch and his story giving the book itself so much character.  So far I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and highly recommend picking it up. 

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