Friday, July 25, 2014

My Zombie Novel over half complete

I know I have not been posting much and would like to explain why.  First off I just finished a summer semester finishing up my associates which has taken some time.  I also have begun writing a Zombie Horror Novel.  I picked zombie horror because it is my favorite genre of film and recently literature.  I started writing a week or two ago and it has just taken off.  The main plot is going to be centered around a quarry which a group of people built up to survive the apocalypse.

It is extremely difficult to write an original zombie horror since zombies are so flipping boring.  The same thing in every film.  Something caused the dead to rise and now they are eating people.  I try to stick with the basics of zombies best I can while leaping out on the creative edge to bring some of my personal preferences to the literature.  I have also been experimenting in short stories wanting to give something to my readers for free.

As of right now I am still working on Crime and Punishment.  It is a wonderful book though very difficult since the writer is Russian and there are many differences between English and Russian.  The style is different, language usage is very different, and the overall story is difficult because of the use of common knowledge in Russia which American's do not have.  Besides this though the book is by far one of the best I have read and as each page turns the author throws a twist.

I am also waiting to see how my marketing is going.  I have been checking position frequently and overall for such a new blog I am very happy with the results.  Anyway expect to see more reviews soon as I finish this novel and get it proofread.

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