Friday, July 4, 2014

Four Corners Dark by William Mcnally (Kindle Review)


I got this book free for my kindle: Here

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Four corners dark is a set of four horror/suspense stories written across a array of settings and plots.  The book was written by a relatively newer writer and therefore perhaps lacks some technical aspects one comes to expect from the so called greatest authors of the past.  This writing does an amazing job keeping the reader engaged.  Short stories in general must push themselves quickly in order to make the connection with the reader.  Characters can not be slowly developing as they do in many long length novels.  Mcnally ensures with all four of these short stories to plunge you into the character and plot.

The stories themselves are actually quite interesting.  Again this is where short stories struggle against full length novels.  They must put an entire story forward in a small amount of time.  This is done quite well within all the short stories and especially in one of the longer ones named The Raven Mocker.  This story actually takes up the majority of the book and lets Mcnallys story telling ability shine.  It is here that you are able to meet the supernatural events that would measure up to most supernatural stories.

The other three stories named Engine 18, Return to Nowhere, and The Spinning Wheel all have their perks, but The Raven Mocker really shines.  It is important to remember that when reading this little set of stories they are for one short stories and two from a somewhat new writer.  You can not read these expecting the life altering realizations you get from reading someone like dickens, Kant, Austen, or other novelists.  They are short little fictional horror stories written for the pure enjoyment rather than intense personal development. Simply put if you enjoy reading horror stories get this free set for your kindle.

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