Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Darkest Tool by Gerald Barnes (Review)

This is absolutely one of the best books I have read in quite some time I give it 10/10.

When I started this book I had no idea what would unravel.  It begins like so many mystery and horror books that I have read in the past, but as the plot begins to unfold the story begins bouncing between Jonathan and Arioch.  Jonathan is a normal guy who struggles with a deep darkness that he feels within himself.  Arioch is a demon and one who is very close to lucifer.  Lucifer is Jonathans father and Arioch has the job of watching over him and attempting to bring the darkness out.

The story line is split between these two, their interactions with each other, and their worlds separate.  In most cases when an author attempts to run multiple plot lines it ends up being extremely jumbled and difficult to follow.  This is not the case, Barnes seems to have a good grip on running multiple parallel plot lines.  Not once did I feel lost or like I missed an important part of the story.  The plot is somewhat slow in the first fifty or so pages, but once the normal world meets with the spiritual world the plot rages forth with unrelenting excitement. 

I felt like the writing was not exceptionally high making it good for all readers.  Unlike the majority of books I have picked up on the Kindle this one had only one mistake which was easily overlooked the rest of the book was flawless.  I felt the characters were extremely vibrant and allowed the reader to feel empathy quite quickly. 

The ending is what really blew me away.  It was an ending that one could not see coming no matter how adept or well read. The ending took an exceptional story and made it perfect.  

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