Friday, July 4, 2014

The Fly and Thought Action Feeling (Poems written by myself)

The Fly

From America to Japan,
The wings slice identical air.
I have perception,
But no perspective.

I live,
But can not hope.
I see,
But can not understand.

I am important,
yet unable.

Thought Action Feeling

Thoughts, action, feeling bounce upon the wall,
seeking the ear or soul of another.

The wind blows through the room,
Nothing but myself interfering.

Knowledge to give, no one to receive,
Yet without other there is only peace.

Seeing the world die and reborn,
Feeling growth through constant suffering.

The life is over changed forever,
Though, action, feeling now received and adored.

These two feeble attempts at poetic prose is how I see the world and decide on revealing it to a reader.  I completely hate using rhymes in any sort of pattern, but rather use symbolism and metaphor heavily within and display my prose in an artful expression.  My favorite poets include Poe, Dante, and Dickinson.  I find no reason to adhere to any poetic rule for I do not write for critics, but for self. Hopefully you enjoy.  If any wish take your time to try and seek the meaning within.  It is not easily seen, but if you leave a guess in the comments I will tell you if you are correct or not.

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