Saturday, July 5, 2014

The Tell-Tale Heart by Edgar Allan Poe (Analysis)

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There is a reason I will not review Poe and it is because he is by far the best writer I have ever read so everything reviewed would be 10/10.  In this piece Poe places the reader inside the head of an insane murderer.  It is beautiful how accurately he reveals insanity through an insane persons eyes.  The murderer is unable to even remotely consider his thoughts or actions out of the norm.  I personally have worked with the mentally ill for most of my career and have spent many hours attempting to bring someone who is in a phychosis back into reality.

The nervousness as well is done in a way that is very believable.  The repetition of ideas through speech is something that a nervous person struggles with when there thoughts refuse to slow even for a second.  They will think of many different instances which re-enforce the point they are attempting to make.

Besides the accuracy with mental disorders I feel Poe really strikes at the heart of humanity with this piece.  The Murderer does not actually want to murder, but feels an immense anger towards one part of his victims being.  There is nothing else to the victim besides that one piece which makes any possibility of remedying the situation hopeless.  The anger towards the victim is so unrealistic yet powerful.  This reminds me of reading about millions dying simply because they disagree religiously.

The constant beating of the heart both through life and death becomes a symbol of unrelenting grief.  In no part of the story is the murderer ever regretful of killing the "eye" so to speak, but the beating of the heart destroys him from the inside out.  He checks over and over therefore attempting to see if his victim did succumb to the murder.  This is also how he knew his victim died as the bed lay atop him the heart slowly ceased to beat.

As the murderer is focused from the eye to the heart he is unable to think.  In the final scene the murderer sits in place with the police thinking that they will be unable to find any remnant of his victim.  Out of nowhere he begins hearing the heart beat from a dead heart.   To me this symbolizes immense grief at destroying everything besides the eye.  His anger towards the eye was taken out not on the eye, but the entire body of the old man and because of remorse the deed he committed now haunts him in the form of a dead beating heart.

Understand that I could and probably am completely wrong.  There is absolutely no person alive that can get inside and understand Poe and his writing.  So much symbolism, metaphor, and allegory throughout all of his pieces leading to thousands upon thousands of completely different comprehensions of the pieces.  This is why I love literature there is no write or wrong only what you see and feel when you read a piece.  Expect plenty more of Poe and other great writers and poets.

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